Brewed For You

My Story

Brewed for You’s C.E.O and Founder is Eric Chaussé. He was born in 1990 and grew up in Elgin, IL., a city near Chicago. Soon after birth he contracted Strep B Meningitis. He survived the infection but lost his center vision, resulting in him becoming legally blind.

Eric has been physically active his whole life and has played a number of sports during high school; including swimming, track and wrestling. In 2007, Eric participated in the World Youth Competition in Colorado Springs, CO where more than 200 athletes from more than 20 countries were invited. Eric represented the United States Swim Team, winning three Silver and one Gold medal. In 2009, Eric attended a local college. During this time he also enrolled in Kyuki-Do (Korean Martial Arts). In 2012 he received his 1st Don (1st degree black belt). He also received his Certificate from the National Personal Training Institute of Chicago. He later went on to become a personal trainer, specializing in weight-loss and strength training. For a time, Eric helped train and educate people with disabilities.

In 2014, Eric obtained a job at a major hospital in Chicago, IL where he was introduced into the world of vending. For a period of time, Eric worked for the then President of Blind Vending Services of Illinois and became proficient at the many different facets of vending services.

In 2019, Eric started Brewed For You, a professional gourmet coffee company. This company is founded upon the premise of providing the highest level of convenience to the customer, while upholding the three main principles upon which Eric founded this company: honest business practices, trust, and integrity. To reiterate, we believe in delivering to you the highest level of convenience possible while incurring the cost of shipping, so you don’t have to.